December 18, 2018

Why You Choose Us?

We fabricate stable long-haul associations with our customers. This allows our continuous development and improvement of our client’s business processes. A significant added value in performing IT projects is a permanent extension of expertise in the area of our core specialties: telecoms, media, finance and the public sector.

Based on our experience in building IT systems and being familiar with the nature of our clients’ business requirements, we can ensure an optimal architecture of IT systems by offering substantive consulting and by building the final solution tailored precisely to the client’s needs.

We speak with our customers regularly utilizing authority language as used by our customers.

110 Solutions is a reliable and stable partner. A partner that can be trusted for the development of critical systems.

We are competent in managing integration projects.

110 Solutions can make large-scale changes in IT infrastructure. In this way, one partner is responsible for the coordination of modifications in various systems and technologies.

Apart from software development, we ensure controlled management of project logistics, training, graphic designs for example.

110 Solutions takes responsibility for integrated project management.

110 Solutions takes care of continuous extension of the range of competencies, owing to which it offers optimum solutions, by the state-of-the-art trends.

We have a base of incomplete arrangements officially demonstrated in our customers’ generation practice. Such help enables us to lessen the expenses and time of task execution and additionally dealing with the dimension of potential issues, which are frequently a shortcoming of uniquely crafted arrangements. We comprehend and welcome the significance of due dates.

We have a flexible administration structure and a dynamic and portable group, enhanced with regarded industry subcontractors. This makes us unable to respond quickly to new patterns in the commercial center. We can promptly send a team to meet new requests/patterns.

Our customers can rely upon us to come through, notwithstanding when our opposition has thought about it incomprehensible.

By ordering implementation of critical systems, our clients can be sure that 110 Solutions has resources necessary for making subsequent system modifications or future extensions.

We offer a high standard of post-implementation services.

110 Solutions has infrastructure allowing for executing maintenance agreements with strict repair times. This gives our customers a feeling of wellbeing and affirms the nature of the items advertised.

We emphasize the high quality of solutions offered.

We have distinct processes ensuring repeatability of projects carried out.