December 18, 2018


110 Solutions group has some expertise in plan and advancement, however we don’t stop there. We’re a full– benefit firm that will take the necessary steps to enable you to develop your business and your quality available. Looking to rebrand yourself? Perhaps increment your web crawler rankings or make the following enormous thing on the web? We can do it. Simply say the word, and we’re at work

Integrated Solutions

the high demand of integration solutions in the market has given us enough experience to tackle almost any integration scenario be it cross-platform integration or simple database integration, 110 Solutions can offer integration services under the following heading:

  • Database Integration
  • Legacy Software Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Cross-Protocol Integration
  • OS System Services Integration with Bespoke Software
  • Hardware Integration

Web / Internet Development

The team at 110 Solutions specializes in developing real-time connected applications ranging from remote hardware control to small internet based storefront applications. We can furnish you with programming improvement administrations in the following areas:

  • e-Commerce Applications
  • Order Processing Systems
  • Online Payment Gateway Integration
  • Desktop Application Migration to Web/Intranet
  • Suppliers Integration (Supply Chain Management)
  • Shopping Cart Systems
  • e-CRM Applications

Desktop Solutions

We also develop client/server and standalone desktop applications to fulfill the needs of small to medium businesses who don’t want to sacrifice costs on scalability. Sometimes web-based environments are not suitable due to the high demands of the required systems; in this case, we can provide you with the following desktop solutions or anything else that you can think of:

  • Client-Server CRM Applications
  • Standalone CRM Applications
  • Attendance and Payroll Management
  • Accounting Systems

Data Analysis Solutions

110 Solutions can provide you with natural solutions to port your data from different hardware devices or even your suppliers to databases and different other formats in real time. If you require any of the following we can certainly do it for you:

  • Text Conversion to Databases
  • PDF Conversion to Databases
  • Report Generating Tools
  • Database Synchronization/Replication Services

KIOSK Systems

110 Solutions is working in partnership with a leading KIOSK systems provider, providing high-quality hardware and software services to fulfill your e-Marketing and sales needs. If you are looking to deploy information panels which you want to control centrally, do contact us as we can provide you with one of the best solutions regarding technology and costs.

  • Information panels
  • Connected Information panels
  • ATM Solutions
  • CBT Solutions

Security Services

Highly qualified and professional security consultants drive 110 Solutions. We provide software services under the following headings as well:

  • Security Evaluation & Auditing
  • Biometrics Attendance/Security Systems (Finger Prints and Hand Punching)
  • Desktop Security Applications
  • Data Encryption and Security Services
  • Software Release Security

Multilingual Solutions

Following today’s cultural diversity there is a demand for having multi-cultural (lingual) applications which provide easy to understand Interfaces for the end users if not its operators. Especially, if you are looking to know based systems or decision support systems it is essential that you cater for most of the languages your customers speak, and we can help you in these areas as well:

  • Multilingual Software Development Consultancy
  • Multilingual Software Development
  • Multilingual Software Migration