Importance of Supermarket Open Hours

Availability of customers has an impact on Supermarket open hours. The times at which a majority of customers are likely to do shopping are the times at which these grocery supermarket open hours. This is why most grocery store working timings on holidays when potential customers are likely to be free for shopping. This is a strategy adopted by grocers apart from the other common strategies of attracting maximum number of customers.

Some of the common strategies include offering personalized coupons to a regular customer on the products that customer buys on a regular basis. This particular strategy ensures loyalty from the customers and they often end up recommending their dear ones because of the good experience they had. Some supermarkets even sent regular messages via mail or sms to their customer all the while keeping in mind not to try selling those things they are least likely to buy. Laying out aisle in the most attractive and convenient manner is also one such strategy which involves thorough analytical study.

customer buys

In some supermarkets a small aisle is allotted to give out free samples which is a sacrifice made by the business heads to inspire the customers to buy more of the products given in samples of they liked it. This ensures loyalty because customers who after trying out the samples come for more to the same supermarket if they really like it. Bunnings opening hours use the technique of promotional pricing in which the new products are sold off at discounts which the customers tend to love.

Large supermarkets or hypermarkets even host classes inside the premises to attract customers such as cooking classes or other educational classes. Customers see such classes as an added benefit to be in that place. These grocery stores have also of late come to take up social media as a platform to campaign about their uniqueness. Many supermarkets have their own page in certain social Medias where they put up pictures of the products offered and seasonal offerings.

Large supermarkets or pick quick stores trading hours even do in-store promotional activities which mostly encompasses announcements made inside the supermarket regarding the discounts offered to a particular product and the time validity. Customers often rush to buy a product when they learn that the discount offered on it is valid till a particular time only. In-store advertising also includes writing down the day’s offer on a chalk board.

Such in-store marketing can work only when customers are physically present at the supermarkets. So the amount of time a customer spent inside the supermarket really matters. Even a slight inconvenience caused such as non-availability of a particular product or the supermarket being shut at a time when the customer needs it the most can shift a customer’s preference from one supermarket to its rivalry supermarket. Hence, a thorough market study should be made to analyze the time at which the shoppers shop the most. That is why supermarket open hours are important to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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